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Building on the succes of my revamped Contest Trainer, I thought that I would add a competative feature - a Leader Board which is open to all registered users of the software.

The Leader board is automatically sorted by score for each contest type and the scoring is quite simply five points for a correct Main station QSO, ten poins for a Second QSO (SO2R) with a five point penalty for an error on either radio.

Obviously, since the Leader Board is stored on my web site, it goes without saying that you must have an Internet conection on the PC running the Contest Trainer software in order to make use of the Leader Board!

Note that the callsign stored in the Leader Board table is the callsign that the software is registered to and not any callsign you may choose to use for contest training.

Enabling access to the Leader Board

To activate the Leader Board you must choose a contest duration of at least five minutes for the 'enable' checkbox to appear.

Click on the checkbox to avtivate the Leader Board and you should see a request to confirm your choice.

Click Ok if you are happy to store your results on this web site or Cancel if you are not.

For piece of mind, all that is sent to the web site when you update your score is your callsign, your QSO count for each radio and your final scores..

Updating your score on the Leader Board

Run the Cotest Trainer as you have always done and at the end of the contest run if you score is higher than your current highest score a button will appear to hte lefr of the timer clock offering you the chance to update your score on teh web site.

Clicking on the button will access this web site with your latest score and you should then see this message box confirming your score update.

Should an error occur during the update, you will get a warning message and can correct the problem before clicking on the update button again to update your score.


The Contest Trainer remembers your hightest score for each contest and will only offer you the update button only if you exceed your previous highest score.

That is it folks, enjoy the new feature and email me me with any problems or suggestions.